About Ghana Tertiary Awards

The Ghana Tertiary Awards is the highest level of Award Scheme granted to the over 540,000 students within the 303 Tertiary Institutions, as a form of recognition of their works and efforts to the development of Ghana.

It is to Award students whose lives have changed their society positively, through their contribution(s) in the area of their work even though they are students.

The Award Scheme provides a platform to celebrate students with great achievements, an innovative and dynamic framework for the exchange of ideas in developing knowledge, connecting institutions, and students, equipping students with skills of picking up leadership roles, inspiring and empowering them to affect the economic development and bring social change.

Since 2014, the Ghana Tertiary Awards has produced over 200 Winners who are well known and celebrated in their various fields of work.

7 Editions of the award scheme have been headlined by the Universal Merchant Bank. Each year, Ghana Tertiary Awards brings together Tertiary Institutions, Tertiary Students, Government Officials, Non-Governmental Organizations, Business Entities, Public Figures, Influential People, and the General Public.

This year happens to be the 10th Edition of the Biggest Students Festival!!!

What We Stand For

Awarding deserving students whose initiatives influence our society and country positively. The student demographic is an important tool for national development.

Ghana Tertiary Awards Expected Outcome

By the end of the Awards, we would have created a strong generation breed of informed and competent tertiary students ready to take action for their rightful placement, as well as encouraged them to engage in the activities of comprehensive, direct, and context-specific, strategies to empower the youth and leave a legacy.

It is expected that the students would have been; been equipped with skills that empower them in their career development paths.

Been inspired and empowered to be entrepreneurs to raise their income level which would affect Economic development and bring social change.

Ghana Tertiary Awards Objectives

  • To understand why the students lose their way and self-awareness needed to avoid derailment.
  • To equip the students with leadership principles, values, and ethical boundaries that will enable them to handle pressures when severely challenged.
  • To find strategies to eliminate extreme, up-hold human rights, and safeguard a sustainable community and human dignity for the poor and vulnerable population.
  • To use this Awards platform to talk to them to take leadership positions right from school or community or parliament or hold international roles to boost the current quota.
  • To use this year’s Awards Festival to educate the students on “Students, The Greatest Asset of Ghana”.
  • To explore the understanding of entrepreneurship and identify factors and resources which are useful in the undertaking initiatives and entrepreneurial activities by students.
  • To understand what is motivating them, both extrinsically and intrinsically and to find leadership paths that will enable them to utilize their motivated capabilities.
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