2024 GSMB Forms

Contest Requirements

Please read below carefully

1. Automatic qualification once a female student of Ghana
2. Must Be In A Tertiary Institution [University, Vocational School, Technical School, Training School, Fashion School, Media School, Cosmetology School, Aviation School, Training Colleges, Nursing Schools, Awaiting Results For Admissions Into A Tertiary Institution, etc.]
3. Age limit – 18-28years
4. Height – Minimum 4 feet and above
5. Must be a UK body size 6-18
6. Single and never married
7. Shrewd and well-informed
8. Must be eloquent in written and spoken English and a local dialect
9. Must have knowledge of Pageantry in Ghana and its positive impact as well as being abreast with African and global issues
10. Have humility and desire to advance the life of others
11. Preparedness to dedicate a minimum of 1 full year to fundraising and Charity work under the Ghana Students Most Beautiful Foundation from the start of the contest till ‘after your reign is over (ie willing to defer all other engagements/commitments till after reign).
12. Strictly abide by the code of conduct as well as the rules and regulations of the contest.
13. Judiciously execute her roles and responsibilities.
14. Must have a national ID, preferably a passport or Ghana Card.
15. Must be ready to solicit votes and meet all task


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